Personal Devotional or Ladies' Bible Class Recommendation

Personal Devotional or Ladies' Bible Class Recommendation

Posted by Joe Wells on 5th Jan 2016

Perfected Book CoverWith the beginning of a new year, I know many ladies' Bible classes will begin very soon. Some of you may have already decided what material you will be using; however, if you are still looking for a good, in-depth study of God's Word, I would like to invite you to consider Perfected by Erynn Sprouse.

The Finer Grounds series we publish is not your typical ladies' Bible study series. There are discussion questions and fill-in the blanks or spaces to answer questions though out each of the 13-chapters; however, there's so much more to this series. There's depth that is easily understood and easily taught.

When Erynn Sprouse and Kristy Huntsman approached us about publishing this wonderful series, we were honored. Their ministry with Come Fill Your Cup has blessed so many ladies throughout the world, and now we had the opportunity of being a part of something this great. The more we talked and discussed this series, the more drawn in I became. You see, Erynn and Kristy, along with all the Finer Grounds writers, are women who are grounded firmly in the Word of God and stand on the eternal truth found therein. They study at a deep level, and have the awesome ability to communicate through their writings in an manner every woman will be able to digest and absorb. 

I am very proud today to strongly recommend Perfected to you. If you've made a personal resolution to draw closer to God in 2016 and are looking for great study tools to help you accomplish this, Perfected will help you in your journey. If you're a Bible class teacher, and you've been searching for just the right material to use as a guide through your class, Perfected will not disappoint. Please check out the video today and listen to what Erynn has to say about the focus of the study. If after watching the video, you have questions, please feel free to email us at, and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.