Families Under Construction

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Godly families don't just happen any more than a chocalote cake makes itself. Each and every ingrediant is purposed and intential. In this series of lessons from Legacy Family Camp 2013, the speakers focused on fathers being the spiritual leaders in their homes, mothers understanding the god-honoring position they fulfill in the home, and on children embracing the spirit of honor as well as the acts of obedience they show to their parents. 

Lesson Titles Include:

     - Parenting With Purpose (Part 1)  - David Shannon

     - Parenting With Purpose (Part 2)  - David Shannon

     - What Women Need to Hear         - David Shannon

     - The Lion Is Only A Click Away     - Steve Minor

     - Building Familes of Resolve         - Joe Wells

     - Building Familes of Respect         - Joe Wells

     - Families That Finish Strong          - Joe Wells


Each audio file is between 30 - 45 minutes in length and is available for immediate download.