Families With Eternal Perspective

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The mission of Legacy Family Camp is to strengthen families by equipping fathers and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers, as well as children and grandchildren to focus on God’s plan for multi-generational faithfulness. This year's theme was: Families With Eternal Perspective, and the guest speakers were Thomas Jackson from St. Louis, MO, and Wayne and Tami Roberts from Ripon, CA. You will love these engaging and very timely lessons. I would even encourage you to think about using these as part of your family devotional time. Listen to each lesson as a family. Then spend the next few nights discussing the subjects as they pertain to your family. Your family will be blessed.


This series of audio lessons include:

1) Families that Focus on Staying Connected to Jesus - Thomas Jackson

2) Families that Focus on Influence - Wayne Roberts

3) Families that Focus on Walking Before God - Thomas Jackson

4) Families that Focus on Biblical Marriage - Wayne Roberts

5) Families that Focus on Heaven - Thomas Jackson

6) Forgiveness - Thomas Jackson

7) Prodigal - Wayne Roberts


Each lesson is between 27 and 50 minutes and is available for immediate download.