How Open Are You?

There are quiet a few simple concepts we learn as we grow from an infant into an adult. One very important lesson is the difference between open and closed. Babies learn very quickly what closed means when they attempt to suckle from a clogged bottle. Crying to alert any one who might be nearby, the child simply is relaying a life lesson learned – closed means nothing passes and enters their stomach.

As those of the opposite sex have become more than simply interesting, it’s possible a teen will open their heart to someone and care for them in a deep way. Even when approached in a God-honoring way, the likelihood of a “broken heart” is a reality at this age. Tears are shed, as the pain of being open, letting someone else in, becomes a cold reality.

Spiritually speaking, this simple, yet continually deepening lesson is ever present. As the rich man in Matthew 19: 16-22, we are excited to know what we must do to have eternal life. Like him, we have kept what we know; however, Jesus’ teaching went to the very core of openness when He told the rich man to sell everything and give it to the poor. Not being as open as he thought, the rich man left sorrowful.

How open are you? Are you vulnerable to the point of allowing Jesus, through His Word, to truly make a difference in your life? If not, then even though the information is heard, if it’s not internalized and applied, you are just as closed as that clogged bottle. Being open means not only that the Word is heard, but also that the Word is allowed to change you. May it always be said of us that we are open to the Word of God.