Sin to Salvation

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There is no greater question you could be asked than, “Are you ready to move from Sin to Salvation?”

Sometimes as we study the Bible, we do so in small “chunks.” We learn about Adam and Eve, Noah and the flood, the accounts of Jesus, and the letters to of Paul. These are all wonderful, and each is crucial to our understanding of spiritual principles and lessons to be applied in our lives. However, sometimes we study these in such separate categories that we fail to remember the overall theme and connection throughout the Bible – the reality of a loving God redeeming mankind from the depth of separation our sin causes.

Sin to Salvation is a 13-chapter guide that will help you, individually or in a group setting like a class, keep the big picture – the BIG PICTURE. Along this journey, you’ll discover:

  • How Sin Entered the World
  • God’s Nature is to Redeem
  • The Plan God Put Forth to Rescue Us
  • The Consideration of The Judgment Day

The purpose of this book is to direct you to God’s Word for the answers you and your friends have been asking or at least thinking about when it comes to your own salvation. It’s a great resource because it simply allows God’s Word to do the talking. If you’ve been thinking about salvation, or maybe you have a friend who you would like to talk with about their salvation, then Sin to Salvation is definitely for you. As you walk through the pages, you will be confronted with questions that are meant to make you think and will challenge you as you reflect. Allow these questions to work on you. Answer them honestly, and as your study concludes, you will see what God’s plan is for you to move from Sin to Salvation.


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